American Witchcraft (Remastered)

by Plague Magician

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Artist: Plague Magician
Album: American Witchcraft
Year: 2017
Produced by: Plague Magician

The tribal leader of Moragon gave truth to the people of this island. He wore a enchanted silver ring that was given to him by his late father The Chief High Eagle Intuaton and passed down from generation to generation. On this night as I was invited to this yearly ceremony of the jackal, I noticed the ring was changing from color to color as the woman would dance around the hypnotizing flame near the statue of the Serpent King Levithinius. I asked him why the ring of truth would change colors and he replied. "The truth is in each moment and the moment is always changing and forever the same." The next morning I left the people of this peaceful tribe and journeyed along this path for two nights further deeper into the jungle. Rain and mud, till coming across an unknown species. My hand was still as i moved in. Before i knew it, I was surrounded by a group of raging cannibals. Their faces were painted black as the night. I quickly drew my pistol and fired one shot in the air. The sheer noise distracted them due to never hearing this noise before. I luckily broke through the wicked circle and found myself running for my life. I hoped over a fallen tree maybe a half a mile away and suddenly was sinking into a the harshest pull of quicksand. I felt as if my journey was close to it's end. Within seconds of doubt a young child appeared, reaching out his hand. I thought there was no way this young kid could pull me out but surprisingly enough he did with ease. His strength was unmatched by anyone of his size. We began to speak after a few minutes and he said you are close to the Gatekeeper and the temple of the Golden Hand, Evilngor. I knew the legend of this ghost and his face i soon would see.

Bishop X. Davenport


released July 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Plague Magician Charleston, South Carolina

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